ESO Gold Farming 2024

Farming gold in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) can be a rewarding activity, especially with the game continually updating and adding new content. As of 2024, here are some effective strategies to maximize your gold earnings:

1. Daily and Weekly Activities

  • Daily Quests: Completing daily quests, especially in zones like Murkmire and the Gold Coast, can yield decent gold and valuable items.
  • Pledges and Trials: Daily pledges and weekly trials not only reward gold but also offer valuable gear that can be sold.

2. Crafting and Selling

  • Crafting High-Demand Items: Potions, poisons, food, and glyphs are always in demand. Invest in crafting skills and create these items to sell in guild traders.
  • Master Writs: Completing master writs can earn you writ vouchers, which can be exchanged for valuable items and sold for gold.

3. Trading and Flipping

  • Guild Traders: Purchase items at a lower price and sell them at a higher price. Understanding market trends and popular items is key.
  • Event Items: Participate in in-game events and sell the event-specific items when the event is over and the demand is high.

4. Farming Specific Zones and Dungeons

  • Public Dungeons and Delves: These areas often have valuable drops and treasure chests. Focus on popular ones like those in Imperial City or Craglorn.
  • Overland Farming: Zones like Deshaan and Greenshade are known for their lucrative loot, including motifs and crafting materials.

5. Thieving and Assassination

  • Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood: Completing quests and heists or assassinations can yield good gold and valuable items.
  • Stealing and Fencing: Steal valuable items and sell them at fences. Invest in Legerdemain skill line to increase your efficiency.

6. Resource Gathering

  • Raw Materials: Gather materials such as ores, wood, and plants, and sell them in bulk. Rare materials and high-tier resources are especially valuable.
  • Fishing: Certain rare fish can be sold for a high price, and fishing achievements can also yield rewards.

7. Housing Items

  • Furnishing Plans: Farm and sell rare furnishing plans, which are always in demand for players looking to decorate their homes.
  • Event Furnishings: Participate in events to get unique furnishings that can be sold later.

8. ESO Plus and Crown Store

  • Selling Crown Store Items: If you have ESO Plus or crowns, you can buy items from the Crown Store and sell them for gold.
  • Crown Crates: Open Crown Crates and sell the items you get, especially rare mounts and cosmetics.

9. Group Activities

  • Group Dungeons and Arenas: These often drop valuable set pieces and other items that can be sold.
  • PvP Activities: Engaging in PvP, especially in Cyrodiil and Imperial City, can yield gold and valuable items.

10. Invest in Storage

  • Upgrade Inventory and Bank Space: Having more space allows you to hoard items and sell them when the market is favorable.

11. Buy it from seller

By diversifying your activities and staying updated with the latest game content and market trends, you can steadily increase your gold reserves in ESO throughout 2024.

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