Last Epoch of Endurance: Endurance

Endurance Suffix: of Endurance

Base values

Tier Endurance
Tier 1 3% to 4%
Tier 2 5% to 6%
Tier 3 7% to 8%
Tier 4 9% to 10%
Tier 5 11% to 15%
Tier 6 20% to 24%
Tier 7 25% to 30%
Can be applied to:
  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Shield
  • Belt
  • Ring
  • Relic
Requires Level: 19
Rarity on Items: (Common Reroll Chance: 15%)

In Last Epoch, Endurance acts as a secondary defensive stat that helps mitigate damage dealt to your character’s health (life). Here’s a detailed explanation of how it works:


  • Damage reduction: When your health falls below your Endurance Threshold, it starts to reduce the damage you take. The higher your Endurance percentage, the greater the damage reduction.


  • Endurance %: This value ranges from 0% to 60% and determines the percentage of damage reduction applied.
  • Endurance Threshold: This defines the health point at which Endurance starts to take effect. For example, if your threshold is 1,000, it only applies to damage hitting your health below 1,000.


  • Imagine you have 50% Endurance and a threshold of 1,000 health.
  • You get hit by an attack that deals 1,200 damage.
  • Since your health is above the threshold (1,000), Endurance doesn’t activate. You take the full 1,200 damage, dropping your health to 0.
  • Now, if you get hit for another 500 damage, your remaining health (0) is less than the threshold (1,000).
  • Endurance kicks in, reducing the 500 damage by 50% (your Endurance %). You take only 250 damage, leaving you with -250 health (dead).

Important aspects:

  • Focus on Endurance %: While increasing the threshold can offer more "buffer" health, prioritize raising your Endurance % to 60% for maximum damage reduction.
  • Not applicable to Ward: Endurance only affects damage taken to Health, not your Ward shield.
  • Synergy with Regeneration: Builds with high health regeneration can benefit from Endurance by allowing them to stay in the "Endurance zone" longer, benefiting from the damage reduction.

Remember, while Endurance offers valuable survivability, it’s crucial to combine it with other defensive strategies like block chance, armor, and life regeneration for a well-rounded defense in Last Epoch.

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