Dofus Kamas Guide: How To Get It?

Farming Kamas in "Dofus" effectively requires a mix of strategies, from gathering and crafting to PvE activities. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you maximize your Kamas earnings:

1. Professions

Gathering Professions

  • Farmer and Baker: Start with the Farmer profession to gather cereals, which you can then use in the Baker profession to make bread. Bread is always in demand for its healing properties, making it a steady source of income.
  • Miner: Mining ores can be highly profitable, especially when you gather rare ores like Dolomite and Silicate. Focus on mining routes and respawn times for efficiency.

Crafting Professions

  • Jeweller and Magus: Crafting and maging jewelry can be lucrative, especially with popular items like the Gelano ring. Collect resources for these items and sell the crafted pieces for a profit.
  • Tailor and Shoemaker: Craft gear for players, particularly items required for common sets. Tailoring and shoemaking have high-profit margins due to the constant demand for equipment.

2. Dungeons and PvE

Dungeon Runs

  • Regular Runs: Completing dungeons not only provides drops that can be sold or used in crafting but also rewards Kamas directly. Focus on dungeons appropriate for your level to ensure efficient runs.
  • Dungeon Souls: Capture dungeon bosses with soul stones and sell the soul stones. These are often in high demand for players looking to complete specific dungeons for achievements or rare drops.

Hunting Rare Mobs

  • Archmonsters and Bosses: Hunt down Archmonsters and rare bosses, as they drop valuable resources and items. Use the resources to craft high-demand items or sell them directly in the market.

3. Market Trading

Resource Management

  • Buy Low, Sell High: Keep an eye on the market trends. Purchase resources and items when they are undervalued and sell them at a higher price. Use market tools or spreadsheets to track price changes.
  • Bulk Sales: Gather or craft items in bulk and sell them in the market. Bulk items like bread, potions, and resources often sell faster and can lead to substantial profits.

Crafting for Profit

  • High-Demand Items: Craft items that are consistently in demand, such as healing items, consumables, and popular gear. Selling these items in the market can yield steady Kamas.
  • Event-Driven Sales: Take advantage of in-game events that increase demand for certain items. For example, events that introduce new dungeons or content may lead to higher demand for specific resources and crafted items.

4. Quests and Achievements

Quest Rewards

  • Main and Side Quests: Complete quests that reward Kamas directly. Focus on high-reward quests and those that offer valuable items as rewards.
  • Daily and Weekly Quests: Participate in daily and weekly quests, which often provide consistent Kamas and resources.

Achievement Hunting

  • Achievement Rewards: Complete achievements that offer Kamas and other valuable rewards. Some achievements also grant unique items that can be sold for a profit.

5. Team Activities

Guild and Alliance

  • Guild Perks: Join an active guild to benefit from guild perks that can increase your farming efficiency. Guilds often have organized dungeon runs and resource sharing.
  • Alliance Wars: Participate in alliance wars for territory control. Controlling territories can provide bonuses and resources that contribute to your Kamas farming efforts.

6. Miscellaneous Tips

  • Resource Conservation: Be mindful of resource usage and avoid unnecessary expenses. Efficient management of resources and spending can maximize your Kamas retention.
  • Investment: Consider investing in valuable items or resources that appreciate over time. This long-term strategy can yield significant returns.
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By combining these methods and staying adaptable to in-game economic changes, you can effectively farm Kamas in "Dofus" and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

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