Dofus Kamas Farming Guide 2024

Farming Kamas efficiently in "Dofus" requires a mix of combat, gathering, crafting, and market strategies. Here’s a detailed guide to help you maximize your Kamas earnings in the game:

1. Professions and Gathering


  • Gathering Herbs: Focus on gathering herbs, as they are in high demand for crafting potions and consumables.
  • Popular Herbs: Mint, clover, and flax flowers are particularly valuable.


  • Ore Farming: Mining ores such as iron, copper, and silver can be very profitable.
  • Location Knowledge: Knowing the best locations and routes for mining can significantly increase your yield.


  • Wood Cutting: Collecting wood from different types of trees is essential for crafting and selling.
  • High-Demand Wood: Ash, chestnut, and oak are often in high demand.

2. Crafting Professions


  • Amulets and Rings: Crafting and selling jewelry can be highly lucrative.
  • Rare Materials: Using rare materials for high-level items can yield better profits.


  • Potions: Crafting potions and selling them is a steady income source.
  • Healing Potions: These are always in demand by players.

Farmer and Baker

  • Bread and Consumables: Farming wheat and other grains to bake bread can be very profitable.
  • High Demand Items: Always keep an eye on which consumables are in high demand.

3. Dungeon Runs and Combat

Solo Dungeons

  • Low-Level Dungeons: Focus on dungeons you can efficiently solo for quick rewards.
  • Loot and Resources: Collect and sell loot drops and resources from these dungeons.

Group Dungeons

  • High-Level Dungeons: Participate in high-level dungeons with a group for better rewards.
  • Rare Drops: Aim for rare items and drops that sell for high prices.

4. Market Strategies

Buying Low, Selling High

  • Market Analysis: Regularly monitor the market for underpriced items.
  • Flipping: Buy low-priced items and resell them at a higher price.

Bulk Selling

  • Resource Stacks: Sell resources in bulk for convenience and higher profits.
  • Demand Timing: Sell items when demand is high, such as during events or updates.

5. Questing and Achievements

Daily and Weekly Quests

  • Consistent Rewards: Complete daily and weekly quests for consistent Kamas rewards.
  • High-Value Quests: Focus on quests that offer the best Kamas rewards for your time.


  • Achievement Rewards: Many achievements offer Kamas as rewards.
  • Goal Setting: Set goals to complete achievements efficiently.

6. Event Participation

Seasonal Events

  • Event Quests: Participate in seasonal events for unique rewards that can be sold for Kamas.
  • Limited-Time Items: Collect and sell limited-time items from these events.

7. Trading and Merchanting

Merchant Mode

  • Player Shops: Set up a shop in popular areas to sell your items directly to other players.
  • Pricing Strategy: Price your items competitively to attract buyers.

Auction House

  • Listing Items: List high-demand items in the auction house for better visibility.
  • Regular Monitoring: Regularly update and monitor your listings for optimal pricing.

8. Tips for Efficient Farming

  • Time Management: Allocate specific times for farming, crafting, and trading.
  • Multi-Tasking: Combine activities such as gathering while waiting for dungeon groups.
  • Community Involvement: Join a guild to benefit from shared knowledge and resources.

9. Buy it from seller

By combining these methods and staying informed about market trends and game updates, you can efficiently farm Kamas in "Dofus" and enhance your gameplay experience.

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