PoE Divination Distillate

Divination Distillate: Flask of Fortune and Defense

Divination Distillate is a unique Large Hybrid Flask in Path of Exile, known for its potent blend of offensive and defensive capabilities. Here's a breakdown of its effects:

Key aspects:

  • Hybrid Recovery: Replenishes 510 Life and 140 Mana over 5 seconds, making it suitable for builds reliant on both resources.
  • Increased Item Quantity and Rarity: Provides a temporary boost to finding valuable loot, with 8-12% increased Quantity and 20-30% increased Rarity while active.
  • Enhanced Light Radius: Illuminates a wider area for 25%, improving visibility in dark environments.
  • Elemental Resistance Surge: Grants a significant 50% increase to all Elemental Resistances during its effect, bolstering your defenses against fire, lightning, and cold damage.


  • Farming Boost: Ideal for players prioritizing loot acquisition, especially when clearing maps or farming specific areas.
  • Defensive Utility: The temporary Elemental Resistance buff offers valuable protection against elemental damage spikes or challenging encounters.
  • Hybrid Flask Value: Recovers both Life and Mana, catering to builds using both resource pools.


  • Flask Charges: Requires careful management of its 40 charges, consuming 20 per use.
  • Short Duration: The 5-second effect window might feel limiting for extended encounters.
  • Investment Cost: Obtaining and upgrading a good Divination Distillate can be resource-intensive.


Divination Distillate is a versatile flask valuable for both its offensive and defensive potential. It shines for loot-focused activities and provides temporary defensive spikes against elemental threats. However, its limited charges and short duration require strategic use and might not be optimal for all builds.

Additional Considerations:

  • Flask Mods: Look for modifiers that extend the flask's duration, increase charges gained, or enhance its offensive or defensive benefits.
  • Flask Utility Skills: Consider using Instilling Orbs to automate its activation or Quicksilver Flask to extend its uptime while maintaining flask effect.
  • Build Synergy: Optimize its effectiveness by incorporating it into builds that benefit from increased item drops, defense against elemental damage, or hybrid resource pool management.

Remember, the effectiveness of Divination Distillate ultimately depends on your playstyle and build specifics. Evaluate its strengths and limitations carefully to determine if it aligns with your goals in Path of Exile.

Divination Distillate Large Hybrid Flask

Divination Distillate

Divination Distillate is a unique Large Hybrid Flask. Hybrid Flasks. Recovers 510 Life over 5 Second. Recovers 140 Mana over 5 Second. Consumes 20 of 40 Charge on use. Currently has 40 Charge.

Requires Level 30.

  • (8–12)% increased Quantity of Items found during Flask effect
  • (20–30)% increased Rarity of Items found during Flask effect
  • 25% increased Light Radius during Flask effect
  • +50% to Elemental Resistances during Flask Effect

Flavour Text: Knowledge is fermented in pain and loss Distilled with reflection To quench the thirst of those who dream of enlightenment

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Like the base item, effects will be ceased when the user reaches both full health and mana.

Item acquisition

Divination Distillate can drop anywhere. It can be chanced.


Divination Distillate can be created from the following recipes:

Amount Part Description
8 The Drunken Aristocrat Divination Distillate
4 Jack in the Box Random item
1 Singular Incubator Random item
1 The Void Random divination card set exchange

Supporter attribution

Divination Distillate was created by supporter AriesEMP.