Diablo 4 The Pit of Artificers

The Pit of Artificers

There are rumors that there are strange varieties of ore deep within the network of dungeons crisscrossing the north of Sanctuary, perfect for crafting exceptionally-made armor using secret Horadric techniques. However, the horrors that lay in wait for intrepid wanderers seeking to unearth these riches are unspeakably terrible.

Upon entering World Tier IV, you’ll receive a priority Quest to complete a Tier 46 Nightmare Dungeon. Upon completion, you’ll begin to collect Runeshards by playing through different Endgame activities. They’ll appear when you encounter Helltide Chests, World Bosses, Legion Events, Nightmare Dungeons and Whisper Bounties.

Collect Runeshard to activate the Obelisk in Cerrigar, allowing you to descend into the beckoning depths of The Pit. Your task is to slay enough monsters before your 10-minute time limit runs out to summon a final boss. Each player death removes time from the clock: first death removes 30 seconds, second death removes 60 seconds, third and subsequent deaths will remove 90 seconds.

After enough monsters are slain, a portal materializes, transporting you to the boss’s arena. Slay the boss before the timer expires to earn coveted Masterworking materials… and the next brutal tier of The Pit. If you can manage to kill the boss with time left on the clock, the benefit increases. With 4-6 minutes to spare, you skip a level and unlock an additional Tier of the Pit. Killing the boss with 6 or more minutes to spare grants you two additional Tier unlocks. The Pit has 200 total levels of difficulty to try and conquer, if you dare face the challenge.

The Pit can be entered in groups of up to four players, with the player who spends the Runeshards to open the Pit earning the lion’s share of materials. Only the player who opened The Pit has the chance to receive tantalizing Stygian Stones used for summoning Tormented Echoes—Level 200 variants of the summonable bosses found in Diablo IV. The further you descend into levels of The Pit, the more frequent these Stygian Stones will appear.

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