Diablo 4 Nahantu Eaglecaller: Eaglecaller’s Crest, Eaglecaller’s Plumage, Talons, Wrap, Sandals

Pre-Purchase the Diablo IV Vessel of Hatred-Ultimate Edition(Price: $89.99) and receive:
Nahantu Eaglecaller’s Crest cosmetic helm.
Nahantu Eaglecaller’s Plumage cosmetic chest armor.
Nahantu Eaglecaller’s Talons cosmetic gloves.
Nahantu Eaglecaller’s Wrap cosmetic pants.
Nahantu Eaglecaller’s Sandals cosmetic Boots.
Equipped from Wardrobe.
Supported Classes: Rogue.

Diablo 4 Nahantu Eaglecaller

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