Defeat packs of Snakes PoE

Defeat packs of Snakes

Snakes are a monster type found in acts 2 and 3 with a range of abilities.

List of PoE Snakes

Name Location Special Attributes
Bramble Cobra The Southern Forest, The Riverways, The Northern Forest, The Chamber of Sins Level 1 Chaos Damage, Resists Fire, Resists Chaos
Night Adder The Northern Forest Chaos Damage, Resists Fire, Resists Chaos, Casts Flamebreath
Bramble Cobra The Wetlands ?
Glade Mamba The Dread Thicket, The Hedge Maze Chaos Damage, Resists Fire, Resists Chaos
Serpentine Construct The Vaal Ruins Resists Fire, Resists Chaos
Barb Serpent The Warehouse District ?
Spine Serpent The Slums, The Marketplace ?

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Name Location Special Attributes
Tailsinger The Northern Forest Uses Puncture and Frost Wall
Bramblemist Wharf Map, The Phrecia Outskirts Resist Fire, Resist Chaos, Fires Additional Projectiles, Deals Chaos Damage
Thornrunner Hidden Patch Proximity Shield, Firestorm with spike projectiles, Quick, Fast Attacks, Extra Projectiles, Chaos Damage, Resists Elemental Damage, Resists Chaos
Wiraqucha, Ancient Guardian Stagnant Canal Invisible, spawns many smaller copies, Smoke Mine like effect

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