Defeat both Titans of the Grove in a Twinned Peninsula Map

Path of Exile Expedition challenge: Defeat both Titans of the Grove in a Twinned Peninsula Map.

  • Location: Peninsula Map(Prefix: Twinned)
  • Boss: Titans of the Grove

Twinned Map Mods

Twinned map: Area contains two Unique Bosses.

Name Stats IIQ Pack
IIR Spawn Weighting
Twinned Area contains two Unique Bosses 19% 7% 11% cannot_be_twinned 0
secret_area 0
default 1000

Twinned Peninsula Map

  1. Use Orb of Transmutation Orb of Transmutation upgrade a normal Peninsula Map to a magic Peninsula Map.
  2. Use Orb of Alteration Orb of Alteration reroll its mods, until get Twinned mods

You can also search Twinned Peninsula Map from Path of Exile Trade website.

Titan of the Grove

Titan of the Grove is a unique Rock Golem located in Peninsula Map. It is based on Gneiss located in The Old Fields.

The boss itself is not terribly difficult due to its low movement and attack speed and only moderate damage for a boss. Depending on your build and what pack spawns next to the boss, you may want to separate and kill them first.

One tricky situation occurs when the map has the Twinned affix. The auras of the two bosses will affect each other, rendering them impossible to kill unless they are separated somehow. Skills such as Frost Wall Frost Wall can be used to try to push the bosses apart, or they may be lured apart using minions. However, one easy way to separate the bosses is to retreat into the corner between the wall and the shore. One boss will block off the corner, causing the other to wander off.

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