Dark Souls 3 Souls Farming Guide 2024

In Dark Souls 3, accumulating souls efficiently is crucial for leveling up, purchasing items, and upgrading equipment. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you maximize your soul farming:

1. Early Game Farming Spots

a. High Wall of Lothric:

  • Lothric Knights: Farm the Lothric Knights near the Tower on the Wall bonfire. They drop a decent amount of souls and valuable items.
  • Repeat Runs: Use the bonfire to reset the area and farm the knights repeatedly.

b. Undead Settlement:

  • Hollow Slaves: Near the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire, the area is filled with Hollow Slaves which are easy to kill and provide a steady amount of souls.
  • Use the Bonfire: Reset the area frequently by resting at the bonfire for continuous farming.

2. Mid-Game Farming Spots

a. Cathedral of the Deep:

  • Deacons of the Deep: At the Cleansing Chapel bonfire, the area around the chapel is filled with Deacons. They are weak and drop a fair number of souls.
  • Reset Quickly: Use the nearby bonfire to reset the area and continue farming.

b. Farron Keep:

  • Ghru: The Ghru enemies near the Keep Ruins bonfire provide a good amount of souls. They are relatively easy to kill and respawn quickly.
  • Efficient Farming: Utilize the bonfire to reset and farm these enemies efficiently.

3. Late Game Farming Spots

a. Anor Londo:

  • Silver Knights: Farm the Silver Knights near the Anor Londo bonfire. They drop a significant amount of souls and have a chance to drop valuable items.
  • Reset Method: Use the bonfire to reset the area for continuous farming.

b. Lothric Castle:

  • Lothric Knights: The Lothric Knights in the Grand Archives and Lothric Castle area provide a high amount of souls. They are tougher but worth the effort.
  • Bonfire Proximity: Use the bonfire near the knights for quick resets and efficient farming.

4. End-Game Farming Spot

a. Grand Archives:

  • Knights and Scholars: The Grand Archives is filled with Lothric Knights, scholars, and other enemies that drop a large number of souls.
  • Optimal Route: Follow an optimized farming route through the Grand Archives to maximize your soul intake per run.

5. Optional Farming Spot

a. Champion Gundyr:

  • Near Champion Gundyr: The area before the Champion Gundyr boss fight in Untended Graves is filled with Black Knights and other enemies that drop a significant amount of souls.
  • High Risk, High Reward: This area is challenging but provides a high soul yield.

6. Buy from seller

Farming Tips and Techniques

a. Use Soul-Boosting Items:

  • Covetous Silver Serpent Ring: Equip this ring to increase the number of souls gained from defeated enemies.
  • Shield of Want: Hold or equip this shield to boost soul gain.
  • Symbol of Avarice: Equip this helmet for a significant increase in soul gain, but be aware of the health drain.

b. Efficient Routes:

  • Learn the Layout: Familiarize yourself with the farming area layout to optimize your routes.
  • Speed Runs: Focus on killing enemies quickly and resetting the area to maximize souls per hour.

c. Co-op and PvP:

  • Co-op with Bosses: Helping other players defeat bosses as a phantom can yield a significant number of souls.
  • PvP Rewards: Invading other players’ worlds or defending against invaders can also provide a good amount of souls.

d. New Game Plus:

  • Increased Soul Gain: Enemies in New Game Plus (NG+) and beyond drop more souls, making previous farming spots even more lucrative.
  • Tackle NG+: Use your experience and knowledge from your first playthrough to farm efficiently in NG+.

e. Consumables:

  • Soul Items: Use consumable soul items (e.g., Soul of a Nameless Soldier) strategically when you need a quick boost of souls for leveling up or purchasing items.

By utilizing these strategies and farming spots, you can efficiently accumulate souls in Dark Souls 3, allowing you to level up, upgrade your gear, and tackle the game’s toughest challenges.

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