Drox, the Warlord without being hit by Crushing Fist

Challenge: Defeat Conquerors in Style

Defeat each of the Conquerors of the Atlas in each of the specified ways:

  • Drox, the Warlord without being hit by Crushing Fist

Drox, the Warlord

  • Location: Warlords's Keep

Drox, the Warlord is one of the Elderslayers / Conquerors of the Atlas. He serves as one of the end-game bosses of the Atlas. The boss fight itself has 8 different levels, based on the player's current Atlas Awakening level. It is colloquially known as A1 Drox through A8 Drox.

Players must first spawn a Conqueror within the Atlas using the steps in the Atlas quick guide. Then talking to Kirac and Zana will open a portal to the Conqueror's citadel. Defeating the map boss will open a portal to the Conqueror's arena, where they must fight Drox.

The arena is a cross-shaped area.


  • Drox often casts a war banner that increases his defense and the defense of nearby monsters.
  • Players can destroy the banners to reduce the difficulty of the fight.
  • Monsters often enter the area from the 4 edges of the arena.
  • Players must also keep moving to avoid the powerful Glove Slam Impact attack, wherein a giant glove appears above the player's position and slams the ground dealing high amounts of Physical damage.
  • Constant mobility during the fight is recommended.


  • Default Attack - Strike your foes down with a powerful blow.
  • Cascade
  • Rubble Slam
  • Summon Banner
  • Melee - 25% less Attack Speed
  • Glove Slam Impact - Deals 190% of Base Attack Damage
  • Spawn Slam Glove
  • Double Hands - Deals 70% of Base Attack Damage

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