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Attack Modifiers: # to # Physical/Cold/Fire/Lightning Damage to Attacks, Attack Speed, Attacks Penetrate % Elemental Resistance (Influenced only), etc. Click this link to see all PoE Attack Modifier.

"Cannot roll Attack Modifiers" is a suffix(of Spellcraft). It costs an Exalted Orb. Using the Cannot roll Attack Modifiers meta-crafting mod to combine multiple other meta-crafting mods allows for even more control of the item. This way the player can often limit the pool of possible mods so that outcome of the craft is almost guaranteed.

Cannot roll Attack Mods PoE

"Cannot roll Attack mods" can be used on a weapon so that you can narrow down the possible affixes your exalt hits. It would remove the ability to roll certain attack affixes. Then you remove the crafted mod when you have a nice 5 stat item and put the 6th stat on with either the Crafting Bench or another Exalted Orb.

It prevents attack mods from being rolled when you reroll the item with Orb of Alteration or Chaos Orb or add new mods with augmentation, Regal Orb or Exalted Orb. However, it will not protect mods from Orb of Scouring.

Note that fossils and essences will entirely re-roll the item, ignoring your "cannot roll attack mods".

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How to unlock "Cannot roll Attack Modifiers" recipe

Suffix Modifier Stats Cost Recipe location
of Spellcraft Cannot roll Attack Modifiers 1× Exalted Orb Exalted Orb complete The Plaguemaw prophecy chain

The Plaguemaw is a five-part prophecy chain. While completing it, the map would spawn the clickable object to unlock of Spellcraft (Cannot roll Attack Modifiers) crafting mods.

Item Reward Objective Price
The Plaguemaw I N/A Defeat Eber’s Colossus, a unique golem that appears upon killing the boss of a Vaal side area. 1x Chaos Orb
The Plaguemaw II N/A Find the Plaguemaw’s followers in The Crypt Level 1 (Act 2), The Crypt (Act 7) or Bone Crypt Map, Cursed Crypt Map, or Necropolis Map and slay them. 1x Chaos Orb
The Plaguemaw III N/A Kill any unique monster causing the Plaguemaw’s followers to appear. 1x Chaos Orb
The Plaguemaw IV N/A Find the Plaguemaw’s Offering, a unique Arcanist’s Strongbox, in the Imperial Gardens, Gardens Map, Courtyard Map, or Orchard Map. Open it and defeat the ambushing monsters to complete the prophecy. 3x Chaos Orb
The Plaguemaw V The map would spawn the clickable object to unlock of Spellcraft(Cannot roll Attack Modifiers)  crafting recipe. Moreover, Eber, the Plaguemaw will drop Eber’s Key Eber’s Key when defeated. Defeat Eber, the Plaguemaw, who can be found in a separate room within one of the following areas:

  • Act 4 – The Crystal Veins
  • Map – Crystal Ore
10x Chaos Orb

Cannot roll attack mods prefix or suffix?

"Cannot roll Attack Modifiers" is a suffix(of Spellcraft).

Cannot roll Attack Modifiers example

The following image shows a magic Wand and a rare dagger. These two items all have of Spellcraft mods: Cannot roll Attack Modifiers.

Cannot roll Attack Mods

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