Best Batting Stance Mlb The Show 24

Choosing the best batting stance in MLB The Show 24 can greatly enhance your performance. Here are some of the top stances recommended by players and experts:

  1. Mike Trout: Known for his balanced and powerful stance, Trout’s setup is versatile and effective for most players.
  2. Legend Stance 7 (Barry Bonds): This stance offers a combination of power and precision, making it a popular choice.
  3. Shohei Ohtani: Ohtani’s stance provides a solid base for both contact and power hitting.
  4. Cody Bellinger: His stance is excellent for those looking to hit with power from the left side.
  5. Jose Ramirez: Ramirez’s stance is user-friendly and offers good balance.
  6. Rafael Devers: Known for his consistent and powerful hitting, Devers’ stance can help with timing and power.
  7. Jeff Bagwell: Bagwell’s unique crouched stance can be effective for those who prefer a lower setup.
  8. Justin Turner: Turner’s stance is well-suited for balanced hitters who want a good mix of contact and power​​​​.

Customizing your stance further can also help you tailor it to your personal hitting style. Adjusting aspects like Hand Offset, Elbow Offset, and Foot Offset can improve your timing and ability to hit various pitches. For instance, lowering Hand Offset X can help with late swings, while adjusting Hand Offset Y can make hitting high or low pitches easier​​​​. Mlb The Show 24 Stubs Farming Guide 2024.

Experiment with these stances and customizations to find what works best for you in MLB The Show 24.

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