An Indomitable Spirit

An Indomitable Spirit Guide

Quest Location  The Mines Level 2 (Act 4)
Start  Talk to Tasuni(location: Highgate, Act 4)
Objective  Find the spirit of Deshret in the mines and free it
Completion  Talk to Tasuni for your reward

Tasuni location

Tasuni is in Highgate in act 4. He is on the right of the waypoint.

Tasuni location

Quest location

The Mines Level 2 is an area in Act 4. It has no waypoint and is connected to The Mines Level 1 and The Crystal Veins.

An Indomitable Spirit location

Like Level 1, upon first entering, the entire mine network will rumble, causing your character to comment. The spirit of Deshret can also be found here and freed, which is a part of the optional quest An Indomitable Spirit.

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Free the spirit of Deshret

Deshret, the Red Sekhema, was the Maraketh leader who ventured into Wraeclast to fight the Beast. It found the entity’s resting place inside the mountains near Highgate, but, instead of destroying it, Deshret used her banner to seal the entrance to the Beast’s lair, and then charged her followers to guard it. Despite not dying inside the Mines, her spirit was captured after her death and she spent centuries being tortured by Malachai’s Godless Three – Doedre, Maligaro and Shavronne. She’s also Kira’s ancestor.

Free the spirit of Deshret

Find and free it.

Quest Reward

Quest Complete – You have freed the ancient spirit of Sekhema Deshret and received a Skill Book from Tasuni.

  • Book of Skill: grants a Passive Skill Point and two Passive Respec Points

An Indomitable Spirit Reward

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