PoE Allflame Ember of Sulphite: reward Delve Sulphite

Allflame Ember of Sulphite

Pack Size: 5-7 Monsters.

Pack contains Pack Leader.

Monster Level: 40-83.

  • Pack monsters reward Sulphite on death

How to use Allflame Ember of Sulphite?

Click and drag this item over a Monster Pack in the Lantern of Arimor to have those packs in the area replaced with this pack.

How to get it?

  • In Necropolis league content, monsters can drop an Allflame Ember, which can be used on the Lantern to convert a monster into a different type. Monsters from the Allflame Ember have special effects, such as granting increased experience, turning them into harmless frogs, or being able to drop tattoos.
  • Embers of the Allflame Drop Chance atlas skill: 8% increased chance for Haunted Monsters in your Maps to drop Embers of the Allflame.

PoE Allflame Ember of Sulphite

Sulphite Golems

Name Description
Sulphite Golems

Ranged {Constructs}
{Pack Leader:}
{Greatly Disturbed Sulphite}
Places Sulphite bombs

The Allflame Ember of Sulphite in Path of Exile’s Necropolis league offers a unique way to gather valuable resources for Delve encounters. Here’s how it functions:

Unearthing Riches:

  • Unlike most Allflame Embers, this one doesn’t alter monster types. Instead, when used on the Lantern of Arimor on a monster pack, it grants Sulphite upon killing those monsters.

Sulphite Significance:

  • Sulphite is a vital resource used to fuel your delve cart and progress deeper into the darkness of the Azurite Mine in Path of Exile.

  • In the Necropolis league, where experience gain from Allflame Embers is removed, this Ember provides a focused approach to Sulphite acquisition:

    • Benefits:

      • Efficient way to farm Sulphite from regular areas without needing to delve into the Azurite Mine itself.
      • Allows you to stockpile Sulphite for later use or for specific Delve objectives.
    • Drawbacks:

      • Might not be the most efficient method for players already deep in Delve content.
      • Relies on defeating monster packs, which may not be as fast as other Sulphite farming methods.

Possible Uses:

  • Early-game players who haven’t unlocked Delve yet but want to stockpile Sulphite for later access.
  • Players who need to top up their Sulphite reserves for specific Delve objectives without venturing deep into the Azurite Mine.
  • Players who find standard Delve farming tedious and prefer to acquire Sulphite as a byproduct of regular exploration.


The Allflame Ember of Sulphite in Necropolis offers an alternative approach to Sulphite acquisition. While it might not be the most efficient for dedicated Delve runners, it provides a convenient way for players to gather this resource outside the Azurite Mine itself.


  • Consider your current Delve progress and Sulphite needs when deciding if this Ember is the most effective method for you.
  • This Ember can be particularly useful in combination with other exploration activities to maximize your time and resource gathering.

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Delve Allflame Ember

Name Description
Allflame Ember of Sulphite Pack monsters reward Sulphite on death

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