PoE Allflame Ember of Esh: drop Splinters of Esh

Allflame Ember of Esh

Pack Size: 8-10 Monsters.

Pack contains Pack Leader.

Monster Level: 68-83.

  • Pack monsters can drop Splinters of Esh

How to use Allflame Ember of Esh?

Click and drag this item over a Monster Pack in the Lantern of Arimor to have those packs in the area replaced with this pack.

How to get it?

  • In Necropolis league content, monsters can drop an Allflame Ember, which can be used on the Lantern to convert a monster into a different type. Monsters from the Allflame Ember have special effects, such as granting increased experience, turning them into harmless frogs, or being able to drop tattoos.
  • Embers of the Allflame Drop Chance atlas skill: 8% increased chance for Haunted Monsters in your Maps to drop Embers of the Allflame.

PoE Allflame Ember of Esh

Esh’s Demons

Name Description
Esh’s Demons

Esh {Demons}
Casts {Arc}
{Pack Leader:
Scale of Esh}
Casts {Arc}, {Lightning} Whip, Ball {Lightning}
Summons Esh minions

The Allflame Ember of Esh in Path of Exile’s Necropolis league lets you ignite the potential for encountering the Breachlord Esh, the Eternal Flame. Here’s how it functions:

Kindling the Inferno:

  • Similar to Ember of Xoph and Tul, this Ember doesn’t directly change monster packs. When used on the Lantern of Arimor, it has a chance to make the pack drop additional loot in the form of Splinters of Esh.

Splinters of Opportunity:

  • Splinters of Esh are crafting materials used to open portals to Esh’s Breach, the domain of the Breachlord Esh, the Eternal Flame.

  • In the Necropolis league, where experience gain from Allflame Embers is removed, this Ember offers a focused approach to Breachlord hunting:

    • Benefits:

      • Increased chance of acquiring Splinters of Esh from a single monster pack.
      • Allows targeted farming of Esh encounters for specific rewards or challenges.
    • Drawbacks:

      • Relies on chance – there’s no guarantee a pack will drop Splinters.
      • Doesn’t directly affect the combat encounter itself.

Possible Uses:

  • Farming Splinters of Esh for targeted Breachlord encounters against Esh, the Eternal Flame.
  • Completing challenges or quests related to Esh or Breach encounters.


The Allflame Ember of Esh in Necropolis is a strategic tool for Breachlord hunters seeking the embodiment of blazing destruction. While it doesn’t directly impact combat or experience gain, it provides a chance to acquire the resources needed to face Esh’s fiery domain.


  • This Ember is most effective when used strategically alongside other farming methods or alongside information about monster pack types and their drop tendencies.
  • Consider the opportunity cost – using this Ember might forgo the benefits of other Allflame Embers depending on your needs.

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Breach Allflame Ember

Name Description
Allflame Ember of Xoph Pack monsters can drop Splinters of Xoph
Allflame Ember of Tul Pack monsters can drop Splinters of Tul
Allflame Ember of Esh Pack monsters can drop Splinters of Esh
Allflame Ember of Uul-Netol Pack monsters can drop Splinters of Uul’Netol
Allflame Ember of Chayula Pack monsters can drop Splinters of Chayula

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