A Parting Gift — Lost Ark

A Parting Gift

A Parting Gift is a quest found in Lost Ark. Level: 1.

Location Required Quest Start NPC In-game Description
Zone: Sunflower Island
  • After the Dawn
Starving Artist The villagers of Shushire have taken inventory of Vrad’s assets. They say they have prepared a gift for Shushire’s Hero. I wonder what it is?


  1. Give money to the starving artist
  2. Talk to Daybreaker Liben
  3. – Daybreaker Liben
  4. Place the treasure chest on the dais
  5. Open the treasure chest and examine its contents
  6. Talk to Daybreaker Liben
  7. – Daybreaker Liben
    Sell the painting to the merchants
  8. Port Merchant
  9. Port Merchant
    Sell the painting to the merchants
  10. Talk to the starving artist
  11. – Starving Artist
    Sail on the Anikka-bound vessel and enter Changhun
  12. Visit Sunflower Island


  • 263 x Roster XP
  • 1 x Major HP Potion (Bound)
  • 0 x Silver
  • 1 x Phoenix Plume

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