Wild Fruit - Path of Exile

1. Wild Fruit

Name Wild Fruit Wild Fruit
Atlas Region Haewark Hamlet
Category Harvest Notable
  • Harvest Crops in Areas have 100% increased chance to contain a Tier 4 Plant

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2. Haewark Hamlet Passives

Name Stats Category
Additional Essence Chance
Imprisoned Monsters in Areas have 20% chance to have an additional Essence Essence Node
Controlled Corruption
Areas contain an additional Essence
Corrupting Imprisoned Monsters in Areas cannot release them
Essence Notable
Essences found in Areas are a tier higher Essence Notable
Additional Harvest Crafting Chance
Plants Harvested in Areas have 3% chance to give an additional Crafting option Harvest Notable
The Grove's Call
Areas have +10% chance to contain The Sacred Grove Harvest Notable
Nature's Favour
Plants Harvested in Areas are more likely to give less common Crafting Options Harvest Notable
Wild Fruit
Harvest Crops in Areas have 100% increased chance to contain a Tier 4 Plant Harvest Notable
Additional Syndicate Member Chance
Immortal Syndicate Members in Areas are 5% more
likely to be accompanied by reinforcements
Jun Node
Focussed Investigation
Areas have 10% chance to grant an additional Jun Mission on Completion
Jun Missions in Areas grant 100% increased Favour
Jun Notable
Immortal Syndicate Members in Areas drop 200% more Items when Bargained with for Items
Immortal Syndicate Members in Areas are 200% more likely to offer to Bargain for Items
Jun Notable
Intelligence Gathering
Completing Maps grants 10 Intelligence for a random Immortal Syndicate Safehouse Jun Notable
Tribute Quantity
Monsters Sacrificed at Ritual Altars in Areas grant 8% increased Tribute Ritual Node
Sacred Lands
Areas have +10% chance to contain Ritual Altars Ritual Notable
Paid in Blood
100% increased chance of Ritual Altars with Special Rewards
Ritual Altars in Areas allow rerolling Favours 2 additional times
Ritual Notable

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