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The Uncharted Realms is a Atlas region located in the center of the Atlas of Worlds, introduced in the Echoes of the Atlas expansion. Atlas Passive Skill Tree allows players to increase specific types of drops, enemies, and map events within this region.

1. List of Uncharted Realm Best Passives

The Uncharted Realms ascendancy skills include: Maps, Zana, Sirus, War for the Atlas, and Synthesis.

Name Description Category League Standard Hardcore Standard SSF Hardcore SSF
Influenced Item Chance
Items found in Areas have 10% increased chance to be Influenced          
Adept Tracker
25% chance on completing a Map influenced by a Conqueror of the Atlas
to gain double progress towards locating their Citadel
Notable Double Conqueror Progress 17.02% 4.20% 5.79% 0.98%
Atlas Awakened
+1 to Awakening Level Notable Awakening Level 10.65% 2.18% 2.42% 0.29%
Thaumaturgical Awakening
Sirus, Awakener of Worlds has 50% increased chance to drop an Awakened Support Gem Notable Conqueror Awakening Gem Drop Chance 8.86% 2.42% 2.27% 0.48%
Master Favour
Missions in Areas grant 30% increased Favour          
Close Allies
Gain 1 additional Atlas Mission from each Master each day
Areas have +10% chance to grant an Atlas Mission on Completion
Notable Additional Daily Atlas Missions 5.27% 1.88% 3.43% 1.11%
Atlas Currency Chance
Unique Map Bosses have 5% chance to drop additional Map Currency Items          
Enduring Influence
Sextant Modifiers have 1 additional use Notable Additional Sextant Uses 4.97% 0.62% 0.65% 0.03%
Shaper, Elder and Guardian Influenced Item Chance
The Shaper, The Elder and their Guardians have a 35% chance to drop an Influenced Item          
Remnants of the Past
Unique Bosses have 3% chance to drop a Shaper Guardian Map (Tier 14+)
Unique Bosses have 3% chance to drop an Elder Guardian Map (Tier 14+)
Notable Additional Shaper / Elder Map Drop 11.95% 4.23% 5.28% 1.36%
Gaze into the Abyss
The Elder has +10% chance to drop a Watcher's Eye
The Shaper drops 3 additional Shaper Items
Notable Additional Watcher's Eye / Shaper Items 4.10% 1.86% 1.48% 0.51%
Guardian's Aid
Shaper and Elder Guardians are healed and joined by an ally on first reaching 33% Life
Allies have a chance to drop their Unique Items and Fragments
Notable Guardians assisted by olher Guardians 3.84% 1.00% 1.19% 0.10%
Synthesis Monster Pack Size
5% increased Synthesised Monster Pack size          
Neural Pathways
+1% chance for a Synthesis Map to drop from Unique Bosses (Tier 11+) Notable Additional Synthesis Map Drop 5.79% 0.88% 3.52% 0.32%
Vivid Memories
100% increased effect of Additional Modifiers on Unique Synthesis Maps
Monsters in Synthesis Maps have 1% chance to drop Synthesised Items
Notable Synthesis Mod Effect / Synthesised Item Drops 0.65% 0.08% 0.16% 0.00%
Synthetic Source
Unique Bosses of Synthesis Maps drop a well-rolled Fractured Item
Synthesised Unique Items dropped in Areas have 3 Synthesised Implicit Modifiers
Notable Synthesis Bosses Fractured Items / 3 Impiicits 1.03% 0.03% 0.28% 0.00%
Unique Watchstone Chance
Sirus, Awakener of Worlds has 10% increased chance to drop a Unique Ivory Watchstone          
Secrets of the Stones
25% increased Effect of Watchstone Modifiers Notable Watchstone Mod Effect 9.62% 1.80% 0.97% 0.13%
Zana Map Quality
+5% to Quality of Maps offered by Zana Missions in Areas          
Master of the Atlas
Areas have 5% chance to grant an additional Zana Mission on Completion
Zana Missions in Areas grant 100% increased Favour
Notable Additional Zana Missions 3.18% 0.85% 1.98% 0.35%
Paths Not Taken
Zana Missions in Areas have double the Base number of Map options
Zana Missions in Areas have additional Maps that can appear in the Map options
Notable Additional Zana Options 2.13% 0.57% 1.35% 0.19%
Echoes of War
Zana Missions in Areas have up to 30 additional packs of Shaper and Elder monsters Notable Zana Maps have Shaper / Elder Packs 0.15% 0.00% 0.07% 0.00%

Let's take a look at the Uncharted Realms. Adept Tracker continues to be the most popular choice here, giving quicker progress towards Conqueror encounters. A notable difference from 3.13.0 is how much of a gap there is between the most popular option and the second most popular option. Previously, Master of the Atlas and Paths Not Taken were somewhat close to Adept Tracker, but they've taken a significant hit in popularity across all leagues. Enduring Influence has become slightly more popular, perhaps in thanks to the emergent Harbinger-focussed strategy being used in Valdo's Rest.

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2. How to unlock the Uncharted Realms?

You can get Uncharted Realms by completing the Maven: Uncharted Realms quest.

Maven: Uncharted Realms

After players complete The Maven's Challenge for the first time, they unlock The Uncharted Realms regional skilltree.

  1. The Maven has offered an Invitation to a challenge of her own creation. Attempt it by placing it in the Map Device.
  2. Enter the Maven's Crucible to attempt her challenge.
  3. Use the device to begin the Maven's challenge.
  4. Defeat all of the Maven's creations.
  5. Quest Complete - You have bested the Maven's challenges and been rewarded for doing so.

After players complete The Maven's Challenge for the first time, they unlock The Uncharted Realms regional skilltree.

3. Related Maven's Invitation

Each of the following Maven challenge grants two skill points:

Name Atlas Region Area Level Boss Fights Passive Point Must Witness
Maven's Invitation: The Formed The Uncharted Realms 83 4 2 The Maven must Witness: Lair of the Hydra Map, Maze of the Minotaur Map, Forge of the Phoenix Map, Pit of the Chimera Map
Maven's Invitation: The Twisted The Uncharted Realms 83 4 2 The Maven must Witness: The Purifier, The Constrictor, The Enslaver, The Eradicator
Maven's Invitation: The Forgotten The Uncharted Realms 83 4 2 The Maven must Witness: Rewritten Distant Memory, Augmented Distant Memory, Altered Distant Memory, Twisted Distant Memory
Maven's Invitation: The Hidden The Uncharted Realms 83 4 2 The Maven must Witness: Uul-Netol's Domain, Xoph's Domain, Tul's Domain, Esh's Domain
Maven's Invitation: The Feared The Uncharted Realms 83 4 2 The Maven must Witness: Cortex, Chayula's Domain, The Alluring Abyss, The Shaper's Realm, Absence of Value and Meaning

4. PoE Challenges

Allocate Uncharted Realm Passives: Allocate ten passive skill points in the Uncharted Realm’s Atlas Passive Tree.

Allocate your Atlas passive skills very carefully in order to obtain the maximum value, because refunding skillpoints requires Orb of Unmaking Orb of Unmaking that can be expensive.

5. Uncharted Realms 3.14 Changes

  • Neural Pathways now grants a +1% chance (previously +0.5%) for a Synthesis Map to be dropped from Unique Bosses in Tier 14+ Maps (previously Tier 11+).

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