Traps Mines Aura

How do player auras (e.g. Zealotry Zealotry) interact with skills used by traps/mines? There appears to be a delay after a trap/mine triggers/detonates before the skill is fully ‘affected’ by the aura. This bug demonstrates the effect but how do trap/mine skills interact with player Auras to create this effect instead of just always being affected by the aura?

Traps and mines being affected by auras is a bug and will be fixed at some point. What’s currently happening is that traps and mines are inherently hidden once armed, and effectively cease to exist for most purposes. Once they start to use their skill, they stop being hidden. Currently, this allows auras to start affecting the trap/mine object at that point, which should not happen. Auras take up to 250ms to start affecting a new object, so the aura currently starts affecting the trap or mine some point between one frame or 250ms after it starts using the skill.

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