Fanaticism grants Spells you Cast yourself 75% more Cast Speed, 75% reduced all cost and 75% increased Area of Effect.

Icon Name Effects
Fanaticism Fanaticism Spells you cast yourself have more Cast Speed, reduced Cost, and increased Area of Effect.

PoE 3.14.1: Clarified that Fanaticism grants reduction of all costs (not only mana costs). This is purely a description change.

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Instruments of Zeal Notable

Instruments of Zeal is a notable Ascendancy passive skill for the Inquisitor.

  • +4 to Maximum Fanatic Charges
  • Gain 1 Fanatic Charge every second if you’ve Attacked in the past second
  • Gain Fanaticism for 4 seconds on reaching Maximum Fanatic Charges
  • Lose all Fanatic Charges on reaching Maximum Fanatic Charges

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