Primal Lifeforce Collector PoE

There are four main types of infrastructure: Lifeforce Collector (harvests your plants and lets you craft), Disperser (uses Condensed Lifeforce to grow advanced plants), Storage Tank (holds more Condensed Lifeforce for later use) and Pylon (used to connect pieces of your infrastructure). Oshabi will give you some infrastructure freely, but you can craft more later on.

Primal Lifeforce Collector Primal Lifeforce Collector: Harvests Lifeforce from nearby fully-grown Primal Seeds.

  • Stack Size: 1/5,000
  • Stored Primal Lifeforce: 0/50
  • Radius: 2
  • Requires 8 fully-grown Primal Seeds in range to begin Harvest
Primal Lifeforce Collector

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How to get Primal Lifeforce Collector?

The first lifeforce collector you get from Oshabi for quests with her. After that, you’ll need to craft them for 25 lifeforces. This option is available after you harvest the seeds.

Get Lifeforce Collector

How to use Primal Lifeforce Collector?

Right-click this item then left-click a location within the Sacred Grove to place it.

You can also get collector back to your inventory: Control-Click to return this collector to your inventory. This will disconnect any attached Pylon conduits.

Each Collector has a button that will auto-plant any suitable seeds in your inventory around it. Take advantage of this for Tier 1 seeds! For higher-tier seeds(T2, T3, T4), you will want to be more deliberate with what you plant and where you plant it.

Use Primal Lifeforce Collector

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