Labyrinth - Path of Exile

Labyrinth Changes 3.14

  • Consuming an Offering to the Goddess Offering to the Goddess in the Map Device now opens portals to a random Trial of Ascendancy for the Eternal Labyrinth. Trials opened in this way will not award an Offering to the Goddess Offering to the Goddess upon completion.
  • Interacting with the Divine Font will now display a window with the available enchantments. For example, after completing the Eternal Labyrinth, a window will be displayed where you will have the option to pick one of three Helmet enchantments, or an enchantment for your Boots or Gloves.
  • The Daily Labyrinth Ladder has been retired. The Labyrinth unique Jewels that were previously obtainable by completing the Labyrinth the fastest in a certain difficulty can now be obtained as rare rewards from Izaro’s Treasure Chests in the Eternal and Enriched Eternal Labyrinth.
  • Enchanted Incubators can now drop items with an enchantment from the Eternal Labyrinth.

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