Betrayal Changes 3.14 - Path of Exile

Betrayal Changes 3.14

  • Modifiers that are unveiled through Jun are now more powerful than before. Previously, when an item was unveiled, the veiled modifier added to the item would be equal to the highest tier modifier available on the Crafting Bench. Now, the modifier being unveiled no longer counts as a crafted modifier and will be stronger than any craftable veiled modifier.
  • You will still obtain progress towards unlocking the craftable versions of these veiled modifiers, however progress towards unlocking craftable versions of these modifiers is now slightly faster and many crafts have had their worst tier removed.
  • The weighting of Veiled modifiers has been rebalanced in a way that makes modifiers exclusive to one or two types of equipment more common, while modifiers that can appear on a wider range of equipment types are rarer.
  • It has improved the Betrayal reward system so that slaying the Mastermind is more worthwhile. Now, if the Mastermind is slain, her Immortal Syndicate Members drop their rewards at one tier higher than their current tier. This change introduces a fourth tier of reward from each member, and gives more reason to use a larger variety of Syndicate targets and safehouse leaders. Some of the best existing rewards have been moved to the fourth tier. It has also improved some of the less-interesting or less-valuable rewards.
  • Safehouse leaders no longer lose ranks when they’re interrogated for Mastermind Intelligence.
  • Betrayal targets are now more likely to drop veiled items with their signature modifiers.
  • Polished and Gilded Scarabs can now be obtained as a rare drop when Bargaining during a Betrayal encounter.
  • Scarabs can no longer be obtained from Bargaining in Areas under level 68.
  • Various craftable Veiled modifiers have been rebalanced. Please read the Crafted Veiled Modifier Balance section for more information.

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Veiled Chaos Orb

Introduced the Veiled Chaos Orb Veiled Chaos Orb, a currency item that reforges rare items in a similar way to a regular Chaos Orb Chaos Orb, but guarantees the result will have a random veiled modifier. This item can be obtained from Betrayal encounters or found as a rare drop throughout the game.

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