Bannerman is a notable passive skill.

Anoint recipe

Indigo Oil Indigo Oil + Violet Oil Violet Oil + Crimson Oil Crimson Oil

Bannerman PoE

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Non-Curse Auras

Curse auras: With the use of the Blasphemy Support Blasphemy Support gem, any curse gem may be converted into an aura.

Other auras are Non-Curse Auras.


Banners are a sub-group of aura skills. Banners provide an aura effect while active and can gain stages in this state under certain conditions, collecting up to 50 stages. Using the banner skill again will deactivate the aura and place the banner at your current location, which provides the aura effect around it, plus an additional effect based on the number of stages collected. Activating the banner skill while the banner is placed will despawn the placed banner.

You can only have one Banner skill active at a time.

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