Increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills

Curse Auras

With the use of the Blasphemy Support Blasphemy Support gem, any curse gem may be converted into an aura.

Curse skill: Poacher’s Mark Poacher’s Mark, Sniper’s Mark Sniper’s Mark, Temporal Chains Temporal Chains, Assassin’s Mark Assassin’s Mark, Conductivity Conductivity, Despair Despair, Elemental Weakness Elemental Weakness, Enfeeble Enfeeble, Flammability Flammability, Frostbite Frostbite, Punishment Punishment, Vulnerability Vulnerability, Warlord’s Mark Warlord’s Mark

There are currently 11 Hex skill gems usable by players. Using the Blasphemy Support Blasphemy Support gem linked to Hex gems, or socketing Hex gems into Heretic’s Veil Heretic’s Veil will allow those curses to be cast as auras.

Non-Curse Auras

Other auras are Non-Curse Auras.

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