Water, Flowing Backwards — Lost Ark

Water, Flowing Backwards

Water, Flowing Backwards is a Normal Quest found in Lost Ark. Level: 1.

Location Related Quests Start NPC In-game Description
Zone: Shadowmoon Market Silica I followed the book’s memory and found Silica, but she refused to believe what I saw. She’s asked me to go to Halo Square with her.


  1. Talk to Cadri
  2. Go down to Halo Square
  3. Talk to Cadri
  4. Talk to Silica
  5. Talk to Cadri
  6. Traces of an unfulfilled wish
    • Silica’s Shadow
      An unfulfilled wish
    • Romi’s Shadow
    • Silica’s Shadow

    Go to the front of Halo Fountain

  7. Pick up the dropped ring
  8. Talk to Cadri
    Traces of an unfulfilled wish
  9. Question Atson
    Near the Alchemy Workshop
  10. Find Silica
    A ring picked up in front of Halo Fountain
  11. Deliver it to Silica
  12. Give the ring to Silica


  • 55 x Roster XP
  • 8 x Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack
  • 13,000 x Silver

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