Warcraft Rumble Gold Glitch

Recently, players have discovered a significant gold glitch in "Warcraft Rumble" related to the Arclight Surge event. This glitch allows players to repeatedly farm gold by exploiting an issue where the event does not properly complete, failing to allocate gold rewards immediately. However, logging out and back in grants the gold, which can be repeated for endless gold farming​​​​.

Blizzard is aware of this exploit and has indicated they are working on a fix. They have also mentioned that they will review any exploitative actions taken by players during this period. It’s advisable to use caution and avoid excessively exploiting this glitch, as it may result in sanctions once the fix is implemented​​.

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For more detailed information on the latest updates and potential changes, you can check the official forums and community discussions on Warcraft Rumble’s website​​.

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