Torchlight Infinite Queen’s Wick Queen’s Candlewick

Queen’s Wick

As the final boss of this season, the Lone King of Aeterna is hidden in the “Great Void.” Hunters need to obtain the ticket “Queen’s Candlewick” dropped in Aeterna to qualify for the challenge.

Special tickets that drop in The City of Aeterna – [Queen’s Wick]. Hunters can use the Queen’s Wick to find the Lone King of Aeterna in the Great Void, defeat him, and seize the treasures that have been accumulating in Eternity for millions of years.

But the story doesn’t end there.

First Kill Competition Event Rules

Simply defeating the easiest difficulty of "Lone King of Aeterna" (by inserting 1 "Queen’s Wick") counts as completing the Season’s first kill and will be included in the rankings.  Of course, we also welcome brave Hunters to directly challenge higher difficulty Season BOSSes.  – Please note: The difficulty of "Lone King of Aeterna" varies depending on the quantity of "Queen’s Wick" inserted, with one Wick being the easiest and three Wicks being the hardest.

In this event, the rankings for each server (AS, EU, NA) and each Hero Trait will be calculated separately.  This means that players who prefer different Hero Traits can now compete with others who share their preferences!

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