Torchlight Infinite Scorching Lash

Scorching Lash

Hero Trait Level Effect
Scorching Lash 32

You and your minions deal an additional +30% damage to enemies with a brand.

Upon defeating an enemy, transfer the Brand and 100% of the Brand's recorded value to one enemy within a 10-meter radius nearby.

The primary battle style elements of the Gemma Flame of Pleasure feature can be summarized as: Fire, Purgatory, Brand, and Death by Fire.

Flame of Pleasure specializes in Fire Damage, enabling it to unleash Purgatory within its close surroundings and apply a Brand to enemies inside Purgatory. This not only inflicts enhanced Damage but also torments them with Death by Fire, additionally taking into account the Fire Damage they have sustained.

How to unlock Flame of Pleasure for Gemma?

Gemma's New Trait, "Flame of Pleasure," will be available in the "City of Aeterna" Season starting September 7th.It can be unlocked by 980 Primocryst or using 100 Hero Emblems for exchange.

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