The Winds of Fate PoE

The Winds of Fate is a new Unique Staff that gives a huge damage boost, but caps your Maximum Critical Strike Chance at 50% and makes your non-critical strikes deal no damage. You'll need to find the right balance (or combination of mechanics) to take advantage of it.

The Winds of Fate Foul Staff

Icon Description
The Winds of Fate The Winds of Fate is a unique Foul Staff. Warstaves. Physical Damage: 65-121. Critical Strike Chance: 6.1%. Attacks per Second: 1.3. Weapon Range: 13.

Requires Level 55, 94 Str, 94 Int.

  • +18% Chance to Block Attack Damage while wielding a Staff

  • (700–800)% increased Physical Damage
  • +100% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
  • 75% of Physical Damage converted to a random Element
  • 25% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage
  • Maximum Critical Strike Chance is 50%
  • Non-Critical Strikes deal no Damage

Flavour Text: Life… Death… The whim of the cosmos.

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  • Maximum Critical Strike Chance is 50%: This modifier applies a global cap to your crit chance for all skills. If a skill would have over 50% critical strike chance, it is considered as 50%.
    • Lucky applies separately from crit chance, allowing for the player to effectively have a 75% chance to crit instead by rolling for crits twice.

Sources of lucky crits include the Your Critical Strike Chance is Lucky while Focused veiled modifier and crafted modifier and the Dance with Death Keystone.

  • Plume of Pursuit can synergize well with this unique on a character with Battlemage such as an Inquisitor; Plume of Pursuit's Spell Skills always deal Critical Strikes on final Repeat bypasses the 50% crit chance cap, allowing the final repeat of a Spell Echoed spell to always crit. This combination can also make good use of Marylene's Fallacy's crit multi. Blade Vortex in particular synergizes very well.
  • Alternatively, this weapon can be used as an attack weapon for things such as Shockwave Support or Perfect Agony ignite builds. This weapon has the highest weapon DPS of any unique item.

How to get it?

The Winds of Fate can drop anywhere. It can be chanced. Drops from Lycia, Herald of the Scourge in the Forbidden Sanctum.

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