The Price of Prescience

The Price of Prescience is a divination card. A set of five can be exchanged for a tier 16 Vaal Temple Map with Delirium.

Outcome Amount Divination Card
Vaal Temple Map
Map Tier: 16
Delirium: 100%
5 The Price of Prescience

Flavour Text: The strange voice showed Aul a future where his legacy was forgotten, where new cultures broke themselves upon Aul’s ruined world.

The drop level of The Price of Prescience is 73. It can be dropped throughout the game.

The price of The Price of Prescience is about Three Chaos Orbs.

Vaal Temple Map

Vaal Temple Map is a tier 16 map. Atlas Region: Lex Proxima Lex Proxima. The price of Vaal Temple Map is about four Chaos Orbs.

  • Bonus: Kill boss of corrupted rare version of this map
  • Awakening Bonus: Complete this map with at least tier 16 and Awakening level 8
The Price of Prescience

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