PoE The Original Scripture – Original Sin

The Original Scripture Papyrus Relic

Icon Description
The Original Scripture The Original Scripture is a unique Papyrus Relic. Category: Relic.

  • The Herald Of The Scourge Drops The Original Sin
  • Cannot Have Inspiration
  • Maximum Resove is 1
  • This Item Is Destroyed When Your Sanctum Ends
  • Unmodifiable

Flavour Text: “It’s all here. The lie at the core of my faith. Maxarius was not the first chosen of innocence. Maxarius was innocence himself. A charlatan, a liar, and a power-seeker.” – Lycia, The Heretic

Place this item on the Relic Altar at the start of each sanctum run

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The Original Scripture turns your next Sanctum into a hardcore no-hit run but should you conquer it, you’ll receive the mysterious Original Sin…

The Original Scripture

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