The Brawny Battle Mage - Path of Exile

The Brawny Battle Mage is a divination card. A set of five can be exchanged for a magic Merciless Tornado Wand(Item Level: 100).

Outcome Amount Divination Card
Merciless Tornado Wand
Rarity: Magic
Item Level: 100
5 The Brawny Battle Mage

Drop Level: 80.

Flavour Text: A humble piece of wood offers the simplest solution to life’s problems: just hit them really, really hard.

Merciless Tornado Wand

Merciless Tornado Wand requires Level 66, 212 Int.

  • (35-39)% increased Spell Damage
  • (170-179)% increased Physical Damage

Merciless Tornado Wand

The Brawny Battle Mage

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