Starfield Credits Glitch 2024

In Starfield, there are several glitches that players can exploit to gain infinite credits. Here are two popular methods:

  1. Akila City Glitch:

    • Location: Akila City, Cheyenne star system.
    • Steps:
      • Head to Shepherd’s General Store.
      • Find the smaller of two puddles in front of the store.
      • Stand behind the smaller puddle, facing the storefront, and crouch. You might need to adjust your position slightly to access the vendor’s hidden inventory.
      • Loot the items and credits available, wait 24 in-game hours, and repeat as the inventory refreshes.
    • Benefits: This glitch provides a continuous stream of credits and items without incurring any in-game penalties​​​​.
  2. New Atlantis Glitch:

    • Location: New Atlantis, Planet Jemison, Alpha Centauri system.
    • Steps:
      • Go to the commercial district and locate the building with the "Outland" sign near the train station.
      • Use a boost pack with the "Power Boostpack" mod to reach the top and pass through a door covered in vines.
      • Fall through the gap under the map and walk straight until you find merchant chests.
      • Loot the chests, each containing significant amounts of credits.
      • To reset, fast-travel to another location, wait 24 in-game hours, and return to repeat the process.
    • Benefits: Each chest, especially the one from the ship services technician, contains substantial credits, making this an efficient method for acquiring wealth​​​​.
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These glitches can greatly enhance your in-game finances, but be aware that exploiting game mechanics may affect your overall gaming experience. Additionally, such glitches might be patched in future updates, so take advantage of them while they last.

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