Silent Steps

PoE 3.19 Changes

Problem: Passive skills that grant blind effect do not adequately reward investment in them.

Solution: Increase the values of blind effect found on the passive tree.
  • The Silent Steps Notable Passive Skill now grants 40% increased Blind Effect (previously 30%). The small Passive Skills in this cluster that provide Evasion Rating and Blind Effect now grant 15% Blind Effect (previously 10%).
  • The Blind Mastery that grants increased Blind Effect now has a value of 40% (previously 30%).
Silent Steps is a notable passive skill.

  • 20% increased Evasion Rating
  • 40% increased Blind Effect

(Blinded enemies have their Chance to Hit halved)

Available by anointing Amulets

Anoint oil recipe: Amber Oil Amber Oil + Verdant Oil Verdant Oil + Violet Oil Violet Oil

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