Revelation – Flyff Universe

Revelation Quest

Description Return to Reonan with the results of Handel’s research.
Begin NPC Handel
End NPC Reonan
Location Garden of Rhisis
Level: 45~120
Complete Quest: The Moment of Truth
EXP: 23% for Lv. 45
Chain Quest Yes
Repeatable No
Removable Yes
Party Share Yes

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Begin Why am I looking so distraught after analyzing the text you ask? Well… I guess the results are not what I would have wanted…
The records indicate that despite the efforts made by the 8 heroes to expunge any trace of Shade’s existence, her essence still persists throughout this world.
When the time is right, she will regain her physical form and return anew to command her masquerpet army. It is her intention to reclaim the known world as her own…
You must go and talk to Reonan as soon as possible. We no longer have time to waste. Please find him!
Accept Reonan still hasn’t explained to you the exact nature of the 8 heroes has he? I feel you are ready to know the truth and the role you play in this all…
Decline I’m sorry if you feel uncertain about this all. Take some time to think it over…
Complete Greetings again! Ohhh…so this is what Handel has brought to light.
Fail Please hurry back to Reonan. I’m sure he will explain everything!

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