Remnant 2 Sanguine Vapor

Sanguine Vapor


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Wisps of steam rise within from the thick, red liquid, yet the flask is bitingly cold –almost as if the tonic siphons heat from its environment in a betrayal of naturallaws.

Sanguine Vapor is a Consumable Item in Remnant 2. Sanguine Vapor is a container that holds a thick, red liquid emitting steam while chilling the flask. Increases Ranged and Melee Lifesteal by 3.5% of base damage. Heightens damage taken by 10%. Lasts 60 minutes, persisting after death. Note: Only one Concoction can be active at a time

Some inventions of the Ahanae border on the impossible. It’s not that the Radiant Ones don’t believe in science. They simply choose not to be bound by it.

Remnant 2 Use and Effects of Sanguine Vapor

Sanguine Vapor causes the following effect when consumed:

  • Increases Ranged and Melee Lifesteal by 3.5% of base damage. Increases damage taken by 10%. Lasts 60m and will stay in effect after death. Only one Concoction may be active at a time.

How to Get Sanguine Vapor in Remnant 2

Sanguine Vapor can be obtained in tthe following locations:

  • Yaesha – Can be crafted at Bloodmoon Altar. Required Material: Blood Moon Essence.
  • Can be bought from Mudtooth at the following cost: scrap currency remnant2 wiki guide 30pxx500 Scrap.

Remnant 2 Sanguine Vapor Notes & Trivia

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