Remnant 2 Bloody Steel Splinter

Bloody Steel Splinter

Crafting Material

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This is your blood. It’s not the first time you’ve seen it of course, but it’s not often one holds the reason for their death after the fact.

Bloody Steel Splinter is a Crafting Material in Remnant 2. Bloody Steel Splinter is a crafting material bearing traces of your own blood, holding the memory of the reasons for your past death.

The One True King forever remains silent about his indiscretion, due in nosmall part to its volatile temperament. It would seem that the young prince inherited the worst traits of both sides.

Remnant 2 Bloody Steel Splinter Usage

Bloody Steel Splinter can be used to craft the following items:

  • It is one of the ingredients used by McCabe to craft the Blood Draw weapon Mod.

How to Get Remnant 2 Bloody Steel Splinter

Bloody Steel Splinter can be found at:

  • Can be found in the Fae portion of Losomn, by paying tribute to The Red Prince. Tribute is paid by offering him 3 or more Crimson King Coins, that are dropped by Teleport Fae (Red Knights) in the same area. Offering fewer than 3 coins will be taken as an insult and you will be forced to fight. By paying the tribute you can bypass the fight entirely.

Remnant 2 Bloody Steel Splinter Notes & Trivia

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