Remember Of Majesty Diamonds Farm

In "Remember of Majesty" (ROM), Diamonds (Dia) are a crucial currency that players can use to purchase a variety of in-game items, gear, and consumables. Here are some effective methods to farm Diamonds:

  1. Trade Items at the Auction: Once you reach level 20, you can trade items at the server auction. Selling weapons, armor, accessories, sealstones, and materials can help you earn Diamonds. Keep an eye on market trends to maximize your profits.

  2. Complete Quests: Engaging in major story quests and daily missions is one of the simplest ways to earn Diamonds. These quests are designed to provide rewards, including Diamonds, upon completion.

  3. Defeat Enemies: Certain elite enemies and special bosses in the game drop Diamonds upon defeat. Regularly engaging in combat and focusing on these powerful adversaries can yield a good amount of Diamonds.

  4. Participate in Siege Wars: Siege Wars are a PvP activity in ROM where you can earn Diamonds as rewards. This method requires strategic gameplay and teamwork but can be highly rewarding.

  5. In-Game Events: Participating in various in-game events, challenges, and seasonal activities can also provide opportunities to earn Diamonds. These events often have special tasks with Diamonds as rewards.

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For players looking to expedite their Diamond collection, purchasing Diamonds through the in-game shop with real money is an option once the shop is unlocked at level 20. Additionally, third-party platforms like MMOAH and MMOWTS offer Diamonds for sale with various security measures to ensure safe transactions​​​​​​.

By utilizing these methods, you can effectively gather Diamonds to enhance your gameplay experience in "Remember of Majesty."

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