Rage Vortex PoE Build

Rage Vortex Rage Vortex consumes your Rage to unleash a whirling vortex that rapidly hits enemies within its range.

Path of Exile Rage Vortex Build

Support Gems Description Requires
Tag Popularity
Melee Physical Damage Support Melee Physical Damage Support Supports melee attack skills. 18 Melee, Physical, Support, Attack 96%
Pulverise Support Pulverise Support Supports melee attack skills. 31 AoE, Support, Melee, Attack 92%
Brutality Support Brutality Support Supports any skill that deals damage. 38 Physical, Support 92%
Fortify Support Fortify Support Supports melee attack skills that are not triggered. 31 Attack, Support, Melee 83%
Impale Support Impale Support Supports attack skills. 31 Attack, Physical, Support 54%
Rage Support Rage Support Supports melee attack skills. Minions cannot gain rage. 18 Support, Melee, Attack 45%

PoE Rage Vortex Berserker Build

There are about 0.5% of Path of Exile players use this gem as the main damage skill. Among those players, 99% of players are Berserker.

This is a Melee Attack skill. Therefore, recommend using these support gems: Melee Physical Damage Support, Pulverise Support, Brutality Support, Fortify Support, and Impale Support. For a Level 95 Berserker, the DPS is about 173K.

For the best use of this skill, these skills are also recommended: Intimidating Cry, Berserk, Enduring Cry, Leap Slam, Dread Banner, Blood and Sand, Ancestral Warchief, Herald of Purity, Pride.

For Berserker class, recommend using these passives: War Bringer, Crave the Slaughter, Aspect of Carnage, Rite of Ruin, Lead By Example, Resolute Technique, Mob Mentality.

For weapons, you can choose Axe / Shield, Sword / Shield, or Two Handed Axe. Personally, I prefer to choose Axe or Sword + Shield.

For attributes and defensive, the following is a Level 95 Berserker character example:

Name Value
Energy shield32
Evasion rating267

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Rage Vortex Skill Gem

Rage Vortex Rage Vortex is a new Strength Skill Gem. Requires Level 28, 67 Str. Tag: Attack, AoE, Duration, Melee. Cost: (25-46) Life. Attack Speed: 70% of base. Attack Damage: (40-62)% of base. Effectiveness of Added Damage: (40-62)%.

Spin with a sword or axe to deal damage in an area around you. Sacrifices some rage to send a ragestorm forward. While enemies are inside it, the ragestorm will slow its movement and repeatedly deal attack damage based on your attack speed.

  • Base duration is 3.00 seconds
  • Sacrifices 20% of Rage to create a Ragestorm, if you have at least 10 Rage
  • Ragestorm has +1 to Radius per 2 Rage sacrificed
  • Ragestorm deals 5% more Damage per 1 Rage Sacrificed
  • Maximum 1 Ragestorm
  • Ragestorm Hits 250% more Frequently
  • Additional Effects From Quality: (0-10)% increased Area of Effect

Inspired by the Marauder’s Berserker ascendancy class, Path of Exile created this skill gem.

Rage Vortex PoE

Rage Vortex & Sweep Remake Sound Design

  • Composer: Michael

We are always hesitant to change audio which has been in the game for a long time as there is a fine line between something nostalgic, and something that just hasn't aged very well. Sweep fell into the latter category so it made sense to update this while working on Rage Vortex, as it uses the base sweep animations. For the new sweep audio, I mostly wanted something that was heavy but allowed space for other skill audio to come through, so each ability still keeps its own identity. The first layer was simply the original sweep audio, as building on top of that would work in this case. Most of the additional pieces are what you would expect, with distorted metal scrapes and whooshes. A couple of stand out layers used would be the sound of a snake hiss and strike (which sounds like a whip), a torch whoosh and the sound of an industrial refrigerator. Altogether making a tight, but meaty weapon swing.

For any skill I work on, if possible I try to start with the core sound which in this case was a metal container being slammed shut. Passing that through a chain of light distortion with high feedback, into an exponential distortion with moderate feedback, it turns the impact into a tonal whoosh with a doppler-esque quality. I then added a couple of fresh whoosh layers, some metal scrapes for the high end and a small amount of reverb, bringing it all together as a rather pleasant dirty mess.

The thrown portion of skill consists of a loop of a stone grinder pitched an octave down, some geyser eruptions and ambience from a heavily distorted industrial cacao grinder. All sent through some pitched delays and a light tremolator to help convey a spinning motion.

Alternate Quality

Gem Quality Stats Weight
Rage Vortex Rage Vortex (0–10)% increased Area of Effect 50
Anomalous Rage Vortex Anomalous Rage Vortex Ragestorm moves with (0–40)% increased speed 50
Divergent Rage Vortex Divergent Rage Vortex (0–10)% increased Skill Effect Duration 50

Quest Rewards

Rage Vortex is now offered to the Marauder for completing Sever the Right Hand, and can be purchased from Clarissa by the Templar, Duelist and Scion.

Act Quest Complete NPC Character
3 Sever the Right Hand Quest Reward Marauder
3 Sever the Right Hand Clarissa Templar Duelist Scion

PoE Rage Vortex Skill Build 3.15

Rage Vortex Rage Vortex provides a new way to consume your rage: unleashing a whirling vortex that rapidly hits enemies within its range. It gains damage and area of effect based on how much Rage was sacrificed. The Vortex Vortex slows down when enemies survive being hit by it, causing it to deal intense damage to tough targets.

While you can only have one Rage Vortex Rage Vortex active at a time, characters such as Berserkers who are able to generate a lot of Rage quickly will find it a great way to augment their damage output.

Labyrinth Enchantment helmet

Level Name Mod Weight
The Merciless Labyrinth Enchantment Rage Vortex Damage 1 25% increased Rage Vortex Damage 100
The Eternal Labyrinth Enchantment Rage Vortex Damage 2 40% increased Rage Vortex Damage 100
The Merciless Labyrinth Enchantment Rage Vortex Area of Effect 1 16% increased Rage Vortex Area of Effect 100
The Eternal Labyrinth Enchantment Rage Vortex Area of Effect 2 24% increased Rage Vortex Area of Effect 100
The Merciless Labyrinth Enchantment Rage Vortex Rage Sacrificed 1 Rage Vortex Sacrifices +3% of Rage 100
The Eternal Labyrinth Enchantment Rage Vortex Rage Sacrificed 2 Rage Vortex Sacrifices +5% of Rage 100

Rage Vortex Screenshots

Rage Vortex Screenshots

Level 20 with 20% quality

Rage Vortex Level 20 with 20% quality