PoE The Celestial Brace: +(1–10) to maximum Fortification

The Celestial Brace Goliath Gauntlets

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The Celestial Brace

The Celestial Brace is a unique Goliath Gauntlets. Category: Gloves. Quality: +20%. Armour: (348-480).

Requires Level 53, 77 Str.

  • (80–120)% increased Armour
  • 1% increased Attack Speed per Fortification
  • +(1–10) to maximum Fortification
  • Melee Hits from Strike Skills Fortify
  • (Fortifying grants an amount of Fortification based on the Damage of the Hit)

Forged from the heart of the densest star, your courage will fail long before it does.

How to get it?

  • 「Uber Searing Exarch」Limited Drop

PoE The Celestial Brace Build Guide 3.24

You’ve got the details of The Celestial Brace down perfectly! This unique pair of Goliath Gauntlets in Path of Exile is a great choice for characters that focus on melee attacks and want to improve their survivability and damage output. Here’s a breakdown of its functionalities:


  • Level Requirement: You’ll need to be at least level 53 to equip these gloves.
  • Strength Requirement: A high Strength requirement of 77 restricts these gauntlets to Strength-based builds.
  • Defense: The Celestial Brace offers a solid 144% increased Armour, significantly bolstering your physical defenses.

Unique Mechanics:

  • Fortification Focus: This is where The Celestial Brace truly shines. It offers several bonuses related to the Fortification mechanic:
    • Increased Attack Speed: Gain 1% increased Attack Speed for each active Fortification on your character. Fortification charges grant a defensive buff, and with this helmet, they also contribute to your offensive capability.
    • Maximum Fortification: Boosts your maximum number of Fortification charges by +8. This allows you to stack more Fortification buffs for greater overall benefits.
    • Strike Skills Apply Fortification: Any melee hit you perform using a Strike Skill (like Lacerate, Cleave, or Spectral Throw) will automatically apply a Fortification charge. This ensures a consistent way to generate Fortification charges while focusing on your preferred melee attacks.


  • Improved Melee Defense: The increased armor and generation of Fortification charges make you significantly tougher against physical damage.
  • Boosted Attack Speed: With enough Fortification charges, you’ll gain a substantial bonus to attack speed, allowing you to unleash more attacks in rapid succession.
  • Offensive and Defensive Synergy: The Celestial Brace creates a strong synergy between your offensive and defensive mechanics. By generating Fortification through your attacks, you gain both defensive buffs and a damage boost.

Who should use The Celestial Brace?

These gloves are ideal for Strength-based melee characters that utilize Strike Skills as their primary damage source. Here are some specific examples:

  • Lacerate Builds: This is a popular choice, as The Celestial Brace enhances both the defensive mitigation and attack speed required for effective Lacerate gameplay.
  • Spectral Throw Builds: This playstyle benefits from the increased attack speed and the defensive buffs provided by Fortification charges.
  • General Melee Builds: Any Strength-based melee character that focuses on Strike Skills and appreciates a boost to both offense and defense can benefit from The Celestial Brace.

Things to Consider:

  • Strength Investment: The high Strength requirement restricts these gloves to characters heavily invested in Strength.
  • Playstyle: The Celestial Brace shines in builds that can consistently generate Fortification charges through Strike Skills.

Overall, The Celestial Brace is a valuable unique item for melee characters in Path of Exile. It offers a compelling combination of offensive and defensive improvements, making you a tougher and faster-hitting fighter.

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The Celestial Brace: A Path of Exile Gauntlet for Fortification Masters

The Celestial Brace is a unique pair of gauntlets in Path of Exile that empowers characters who focus on the Fortification mechanic. Here's a breakdown of its mechanics and how it benefits a specific playstyle:


  • Provides a significant increase in Armour (80-120%), bolstering your character's physical defense.

Fortification Focus (Key Point):

  • This is where The Celestial Brace truly shines. It offers several bonuses that enhance the Fortification mechanic:
    • Attack Speed Boost: Grants 1% increased Attack Speed for each stack of Fortification. This incentivizes stacking Fortification for a significant attack speed advantage.
    • Increased Maximum Fortification: Grants a bonus of +(1-10) to the maximum number of Fortification stacks you can accumulate. This allows you to reach a higher threshold of defensive benefit and offensive potential.
    • Strike Skills Trigger Fortification: Ensures that any melee hit inflicted through Strike skills (skills specifically designed for melee combat) generate Fortification stacks. This guarantees Fortification build-up through your primary attack method.

Fortification Mechanic:

  • It's important to understand how Fortification works in general:
    • Gaining Fortification: Each successful melee hit (based on damage dealt) grants you a stack of Fortification.
    • Fortification Benefit: Each stack provides a percentage of reduced damage taken from hits (usually 1% per stack, can be modified by passive tree nodes or other items).

Synergy and Considerations:

  • The Celestial Brace synergizes well with builds that focus on Strike skills and stacking Fortification for both offensive (attack speed) and defensive (damage reduction) benefits.
  • Gear and Passive Tree optimization: You'll need to invest in gear and passive tree nodes that further enhance Fortification's effectiveness (e.g., increasing the duration of Fortification stacks or maximizing damage reduction per stack).

Possible Uses:

  • Builds specializing in Strike skills that can leverage the attack speed boost and increased defensive capabilities from Fortification.
  • Characters focusing on melee combat who want to maximize their survivability through stacking Fortification.


The Celestial Brace is a valuable tool for characters who want to build around the Fortification mechanic. It offers a significant boost to attack speed, defense, and overall combat effectiveness for those who specialize in Strike skills and strategically manage their Fortification stacks.


PoE The Celestial Brace

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