PoE Nevalius Inheritance: 150% increased Flask Effect Duration

Nevalius Inheritance Cloth Belt

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Nevalius Inheritance

Nevalius Inheritance is a unique Cloth Belt. Category: Belt.

Requires Level 16.

  • (15–25)% increased Stun and Block Recovery
  • +(20–30) to Dexterity
  • 150% increased Flask Effect Duration
  • Flasks applied to you have 60% reduced Effect
  • 2% reduced Flask Effect Duration per Level
  • Flasks applied to you have 1% increased Effect per Level

“I come from a long line of scholars, poets, and artists. You can imagine how little we leave our children… My father only gifted me one thing: for good or ill, I don’t know when to quit.” – Victario Nevalius, the People’s Poet

How to get it?

Nevalius Inheritance has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced.

  • Obtained by burying Nevalius family corpses in the Necropolis.

Nevalius family corpses:

  • Haunted by Lilius Nevalius
  • Haunted by Octavius Nevalius
  • Haunted by Marius Nevalius
  • Haunted by Julianis Nevalius

PoE Nevalius Inheritance Build Guide 3.24

Nevalius Inheritance is a unique cloth belt in Path of Exile that offers a mix of benefits and drawbacks, specifically affecting flask effects. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Defensive Utility:

  • +(15-25)% increased Stun and Block Recovery: This can be helpful for characters who rely on blocking or mitigating stuns to survive enemy attacks.

Dexterity Boost:

  • +(21) to Dexterity: This provides a nice increase to dexterity, which benefits many character builds that rely on dexterity for accuracy, attack speed, evasion, and damage.

Flask Duration:

  • 150% increased Flask Effect Duration: This is the belt’s most significant feature. It allows your flasks to have a much longer duration, extending the time you benefit from their effects.

The Double-Edged Sword of Flask Effect:

  • Flasks applied to you have 60% reduced Effect: This is the major drawback of the belt. It significantly reduces the potency of your flasks.
  • 2% reduced Flask Effect Duration per Level: This further reduces the flask effect as your character levels up.
  • Flasks applied to you have 1% increased Effect per Level: This partially counteracts the negative effect of leveling up, but it’s not enough to fully compensate for the reduced effect.

Who Can Benefit from Nevalius Inheritance?

This belt can be a niche option for specific builds that can overcome the drawbacks and leverage the benefits:

  • Builds with Utility Flasks: If your build relies heavily on utility flasks that provide buffs or defensive effects (e.g., Quicksilver Flask for movement speed, Granite Flask for defense), the extended duration from Nevalius Inheritance can be valuable, even with the reduced effect.
  • Characters with Ascendancy Flask Interactions: Some Ascendancy classes, like Alchemist or Trickster, have passive skills that interact with flasks in a way that can mitigate the reduced effect from Nevalius Inheritance.

Important Considerations:

  • Balancing Flask Effectiveness: Carefully evaluate if the extended duration outweighs the reduced effect for your specific flask setup.
  • Alternative Belt Options: There might be other belts that offer more straightforward benefits for your build, depending on your needs.

Overall, Nevalius Inheritance is a unique belt with a specific niche. Carefully consider its effects and how they fit your build strategy before incorporating it into your Path of Exile character.

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Nevalius Inheritance: A Path of Exile Cloth Belt Analyzed

Nevalius Inheritance is a unique cloth belt in Path of Exile that offers a mix of defensive and utility benefits. Here's a breakdown of its effects:


  • Increases Stun and Block Recovery by 15-25%. This can be helpful for characters that rely on blocking or stunning enemies to survive.


  • Provides a flat bonus of +(20-30) to Dexterity. This stat increases attack and evasion rating, making you harder to hit.


  • This is the most significant aspect of the belt and has a complex interaction:
    • Increased Duration: Flasks applied to you have a 150% increased effect duration. This allows your flasks to last significantly longer.
    • Reduced Effect: However, these flasks also have a 60% reduced effect. This means the benefit they provide (such as healing, damage buff, etc.) is significantly weaker.
    • Scaling Effects: These effects are further modified by your character level:
      • You lose 2% increased effect duration per level.
      • You gain 1% increased effect per level.

Net Effect on Flasks:

  • The interplay between increased duration and reduced effect creates a trade-off. You get longer flask uptime but with a weaker impact.


  • This belt is most beneficial for builds that rely heavily on flasks and can strategically utilize their longer duration to compensate for the reduced effect.
  • Careful planning of flask types and effects is crucial to get the most out of Nevalius Inheritance.

Who Can Use It Well? Builds that:

  • Utilize buff flasks (like mana or attack speed buffs) where a longer duration can be more valuable than the full potency of the effect.
  • Have access to Ascendancy classes or passive tree nodes that can mitigate the reduced effect of flasks (e.g., Alchemist Ascendancy in the Raider class).


Nevalius Inheritance offers a unique approach to flask usage. It caters to specific build strategies that can leverage the extended duration to overcome the drawbacks of reduced effect. If utilized correctly, it can be a valuable tool for managing flask uptime and enhancing your character's capabilities.


PoE Nevalius Inheritance

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