PoE Necropolis Best Corpses – Path of Exile

In Path of Exile’s Necropolis mechanic, the “best” corpses depend on your character build and desired outcome:

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Base Damage: Look for corpses with high life modifiers for skills like Detonate Dead that deal damage based on corpse life.
  • Specific Builds: Some builds target unique monster corpses. For example, Desecrate builds might seek Kava Heralds for their high damage potential.
  • Crafting: If you’re Necropolis crafting items, desired corpse modifiers depend on the item and your goals (increased critical strike chance, fire resistance, etc.).

Here are some resources to help you find the best corpses:

  • Build Guides: Many online Path of Exile build guides specify recommended corpses for that particular build. Search for “[Your Build Name] PoE Guide”.
  • Community Resources: The Path of Exile subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/ has discussions on Necropolis mechanics, including corpse recommendations.

Additional Tips:

  • Empty Coffins: Consider buying Empty Coffins from Undertaker Arimor to store specific corpses for later use or trading with other players.
  • Atlas Specialization: Look into Necropolis specialization on the Atlas tree to increase corpse drops and improve their quality.

Remember, the “best” corpses are situational. Experiment and research to find what works best for your character and goals!

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