PoE Currency Farming 3.24

In Path of Exile’s 3.24 Necropolis League, several effective strategies can help you farm currency efficiently. Here are some top methods:

  1. Essence Farming in High Tier Maps: Running high-tier red maps (T13+) with good layouts and mob density can be very profitable. Focus on maps like Plaza, Scriptorium, Beachhead, and Lair. Utilize high item quantity rolls and target valuable Essences like Horror, Misery, Insanity, and Delirium​​.

  2. Heist Contracts: Heist has received buffs, making it a top currency farming method again. Focus on running Grand Heists in Lex Proxima, prioritizing Volcano, Construction, and Park wings for optimal returns. Using Veiled Chaos Orbs and Scarabs can further boost your profits​​.

  3. Expedition Encounters: Engaging with Expedition encounters and using Scarabs to increase their frequency can yield high returns. Focus on Tujen for chaos and exalted orbs and Gwennen for valuable uniques. Running well-rolled Expedition maps can net you significant currency​​.

  4. Necropolis Roguelike Dungeons: These new multi-level zones offer dense monster packs and lucrative rewards. Access these through maps with the "Necropolis" modifier and aim for high-tier labyrinths for the best drops. Boss rushing these zones can be particularly profitable​​.

  5. Atlas Passive Tree: Investing in the right passives can greatly enhance your currency farming. Prioritize nodes that boost currency drops and enhance league mechanics like the Necropolis-specific encounters. Efficient map management and focusing on Scarab farming can also increase your earnings​​​​.

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By combining these methods and staying updated with the league’s mechanics and economy, you can maximize your currency farming in PoE 3.24 Necropolis League.

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