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List of Path of Exile 2 Unique Items

Path of Exile 2 features 700 equipment base types and every single one has its own unique item you can find. You can augment your arsenal with new weapons such as Spears, Crossbows and Flails, as well as supplementary items like Focuses, Traps and redesigned Sceptres.

Icon Description
The Endless Night The Endless Night is a unique Crystal Staff. Category: Staff.

Requires Level 20, 50 Int.

  • Grants Level 1 Unleash Skill
  • +2 to Level of all Cold Spell Skill Gems
  • +28 to Intelligence
  • 30% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
  • Enemies Chilled by you have no Elemental Resistances

Flavour Text: A thousand years of dark skies and unending cold.

Winter's Bite

Winter's Bite is a unique Glass Shank. Category: Dagger.

Physical Damage: 3-9. Cold Damage: 8-15. Critical Strike Chance: 17.67%. Attacks Per Second: 1.40.

  • Adds 8 to 15 cold Damage
  • +2.67% to critical Strike Chance
  • Freeze enemies that are on full life

Flavour Text: Nothing stabs colder than pure hatred.

Daevata's Wind

Daevata's Wind is a unique Winged Spear. Category: Spear.

Physical Damage: 34-53. Critical strike chance: 5.50%. Attacks per second: 1.25. Weapon range: 15.

Requires Level 15, 71 Dex.

  • 102% increased physical damage
  • attacks cause bleeding if the last movement skill you used was engage
  • 23% increased cooldown recovery rate of movement skills
  • 10% increased movement speed while your off hand is empty
  • skills fire 2 additional projectiles if the last movement skill you used was disengage

Flavour Text: At the flow of battle demanded, she became a sudden storm or a vanishing wind.

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