Phantasy Star Online 2:New Genesis Meseta Farm – PSO2

Farming Meseta in "Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis" (PSO2: NGS) can be approached through several methods, each offering different levels of efficiency and rewards. Here are some effective strategies:

  1. Daily and Weekly Tasks: Completing daily tasks, such as collecting Alpha Reactors and Stellar Fragments, can yield a substantial amount of Meseta. For example, collecting all Alpha Reactors each day can earn you up to 49,000 N-Meseta, while Stellar Fragments in Retem provide an additional 20,000 N-Meseta per day. Weekly tasks can also net you around 200,000 N-Meseta​​​​.

  2. Combat Sectors: Grinding in combat sectors, particularly Dext Base at Stia, is a reliable method. Using N-Meseta Boosters and Auto Sell features can optimize this process, allowing you to continuously farm without frequent inventory management. Selling lower rarity weapons and units you acquire during these sessions is also beneficial​​.

  3. Extreme and Advanced Quests: These quests require specific passes but offer high rewards. Advanced Quests allow you to farm capsules and items that can be sold for Meseta, especially when running them at higher difficulty levels for better loot. Extreme Quests, accessible from level 50, involve completing stages with increasing difficulty, yielding valuable items that can be selected and kept upon completion​​.

  4. Personal Shop: If you have a 3-Day Personal Shop Pass or a Premium subscription, selling valuable items like rare augment capsules or high-end weapons can be very lucrative. Saving these items until you can list multiple at once can maximize your profits​​.

  5. Seasonal Events: Participating in seasonal events and completing tasks from event NPCs can provide additional opportunities to earn Meseta, often through items like Alpha Reactors offered in event exchanges​​.

  6. Efficient Grinding Locations: Farming specific locations like Retem Alnothe can be effective, although the exact returns can vary based on group efficiency and the use of boosts. Even without boosts, consistent farming in these areas can yield a significant amount of Meseta over time​​.

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By combining these methods, you can efficiently farm Meseta in PSO2: NGS, ensuring a steady income to enhance your gameplay experience.

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