Path of Exile 3.25.3 Update: Graphics Enhancements and Bug Fixes

The latest Path of Exile patch introduces significant updates to Graphics Options alongside a series of bug fixes aimed at improving the game’s overall performance and player experience.

Graphics Changes

  • Render Resolution Setting: A new Render Resolution option has been added, allowing players to adjust resolution scaling. Lowering the resolution can enhance performance but may reduce image quality.
  • New Graphics Settings: Additional settings for Upscale Mode and Sharpness have been introduced.
  • VSync Adjustment: The "Fast" VSync setting has been removed due to its ineffectiveness unless used with a Nvidia graphics card with Triple Buffering enabled.
  • Foreground FPS Cap: Players can now set a foreground FPS cap while VSync is enabled.
  • Performance Optimization: Performance improvements have been made for certain monsters and microtransactions.
  • Asset Cleanup: Local cached assets will now be cleaned up upon launching the client.

Bug Fixes

  • Lava Chamber Map: Resolved an issue where areas in the Lava Chamber Map sometimes failed to generate.
  • The Slaver King Unique Heist Contract: Fixed a bug where a portal would not open after defeating the target.
  • Bramble Valley Map Boss: Addressed a problem where Elida Blisterclaw, one of the bosses, could get stuck in the arena wall.
  • Oscillotrons in Heist Contracts and Fortress Map: Corrected a bug where these enemies were counted towards the number of remaining monsters.
  • Xenathar, Templar Reaper’s Beams: Fixed an issue causing Xenathar’s beams to be invisible.
  • Persistent Particles: Fixed a graphical bug where particles could persist between area transitions.
  • Evertree Map Device Microtransaction: Fixed an issue where the number of completed maps was not displayed when using Controller Input mode.
  • Golden Path Footprints: Corrected a bug where the footprints from Demigod’s Stride and its alternate art version were missing after conversion to a microtransaction.
  • Voidborn Body Armour: Fixed visual effect issues with sharp lines in the Voidborn Body Armour microtransaction.
  • Cosmos Weapon Effect: Addressed an overly aggressive dynamic culling issue with this microtransaction.
  • Client Crash: Fixed a client crash issue.

These updates aim to enhance the gaming experience by improving graphics performance and addressing various in-game bugs.

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