The Rules of a Party Cash Game in Governor of Poker 3

Party Cash Games in Governor of Poker 3 offer a fun and social way to enjoy poker with your friends. Here’s everything you need to know about these special games.

What is a Party Cash Game?

A Party Cash Game is an exclusive 8-player cash game that you can play with your friends only. It provides a relaxed and entertaining environment where you can enjoy poker without the pressure of public games.

Where Can I Find the Party Cash Game?

You can locate the Party Cash Game on the World Map, next to the train. This special saloon is designed for private games, ensuring that you play only with your invited friends.

Rules of a Party Cash Game

Party Cash Games are all about fun and social interaction. Here are the key rules:

  1. Invite-Only Access:

    • The saloon operates on an "INVITE ONLY" basis. You can invite up to 7 friends to join the game.
    • If a friend invites you to a Party Cash Game, you will receive an in-game notification.
  2. Buy-In Range:

    • The buy-in for Party Cash Games ranges from $2,000 to $10,000 chips, allowing for flexible stakes.
  3. No XP or Team Points:

    • You cannot earn any XP (experience points) in this saloon.
    • Team Points are disabled, so your participation won’t affect your team’s standing.
  4. No Progression on Daily Activities or Calendar Missions:

    • Playing in a Party Cash Game does not contribute to your progression in Daily Activities or Calendar Missions.

How to Access a Party Cash Game

Double your chances with extra Governor of Poker 3 chips. Party Cash Games are available from version 6.6.0 onwards. You can access them in two ways:

  1. Hosting a Game:

    • You can host a Party Cash Game from the World Map. Simply navigate to the location next to the train and start your game by inviting friends.
  2. Invitations:

    • If you are invited to a Party Cash Game by a friend, you will receive an in-game notification. Accept the invitation to join the game.


Party Cash Games in Governor of Poker 3 provide a private and relaxed setting for you and your friends to enjoy poker. With invite-only access, flexible buy-ins, and no impact on XP or team points, these games are perfect for casual and social play. Whether you host a game or join one via an invitation, you can look forward to a fun and engaging poker experience with your friends.

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