Old School Runescape Gold Farming 2024

Gold farming in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) can be highly lucrative in 2024, with numerous methods catering to players of different levels. Here’s a comprehensive guide covering various strategies:

For Beginners:

  1. Cooking and Fishing: Start with cooking simple items like plain pizzas or karambwan. Cooking requires minimal investment and can be profitable as you level up. Fishing karambwans can yield around 270k gold per hour once you complete the "Tai Bwo Wannai Trio" quest and partially complete "Fairytale II – Cure a Queen"​​.

  2. Collecting Spider Eggs: Collecting red spider eggs in Varrock Sewers is a straightforward method for new players. Teleport to Varrock, gather eggs, and bank them for a decent profit​​.

Mid-Level Methods:

  1. Forestry: Chop trees and collect anima bark to exchange for valuable items. This method not only provides woodcutting experience but also brings in between 500k to 1 million gold per hour​​.

  2. Opening Chests: Utilize keys like Grubby or Sinister Keys to open chests in specific dungeons. For example, opening the Grubby Chest in Kandarin can yield 1-2 million gold per hour depending on your luck and efficiency​​.

  3. Soloing Bosses: Mid-level players can solo bosses like King Black Dragon (KBD) or Dagannoth Rex. With appropriate gear and strategy, soloing Rex can net you around 1 million gold per hour primarily through drops like the Berserker ring​​.

High-Level Methods:

  1. Killing Vorkath: Vorkath is one of the most profitable bosses, offering around 3 million gold per hour. It requires high combat stats and completion of the "Dragon Slayer II" quest​​​​.

  2. Raids and High-Level Bosses: Engaging in high-level PvM activities like Raids (Tombs of Amascut) or fighting the Phantom Muspah can be extremely profitable, often requiring top-tier gear and high skill levels​​.

  3. Runecrafting Wrath Runes: After completing the "Dragon Slayer II" quest, crafting Wrath runes can yield significant profit due to their high demand and market price​​.

General Tips:

  • Grand Exchange Trading: Buying low and selling high on the Grand Exchange can be highly profitable, especially with high-demand items​​.
  • Herb Cleaning: Purchase grimy herbs, clean them, and sell them back for a quick profit. This method is effective for players who want a steady and fast return​​.
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By incorporating these methods, players at various stages of the game can effectively farm gold and enhance their in-game wealth. For the most consistent results, diversify your activities and adapt to market changes.

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